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            Request a Quote

            Alliance Logistics, Inc. provides quotes free of charge or obligation.  Let us shop the market for you to find the right combination of price and service.

            In order to provide shippers the most convenient service possible, we provide 4 options for requesting a rate quote (for the most accurate quote, please provide required information from the web form below):

            1) Web form (See below)

            2) Email: quotes@AllianceLogist.com

            3) Fax: 973-835-5372

            4) Tel: 973-835-5347

            Rate Quote Request Web Form
            Person Requesting Quote
            Name (required): 
            Company (required): 
            Email (required): 
            Phone:    ext
            Preferred Method of Contact:  Email Telephone
            Load Information
            Load Type (required): TL (Truckload) LTL (Less Than Truckload)
            Total Weight (required): lbs. including packaging
            Load Frequency (required): One-Time  Periodic Monthly
            Weekly  Daily
            Shipper Location (required): City:
            Zip Code:
            Consignee Location (required): City:
            Zip Code:
            Multi-Stop (required):
            Special Requirements (if any):
            By completing this form, you are requesting a non-binding quote.
            You are under no obligation to book the load.

            You are requesting an estimate which is for information only.

            The information provided will be used to determine
            the most cost efficient method of shipping your freight.

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