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            Why Use Us?

            The answer is simple.  Service, convenience and competitive prices.  Alliance Logistics takes the hassle out of shipping. 

            -We trace your loads from pick up, while in transit, to delivery.  We do this to make sure loads are on time, every time. 

            -We provide three convenient methods for you to book your loads.  You can email us, call us or fax us to book them.

            -We also provide three convenient billing options.  We can mail, email or fax your freight bills.  We also provide free POD's.

            -We qualify all our carriers to make sure they have the proper authority and insurance, saving your staff time and effort.

            -Last but not least, we provide you with published rates on your high volume lanes so all you need to do is contact one company to get your loads covered.  So instead of making numerous phone calls trying to find the carrier with the best rate who can also cover your load, you call us and we get it covered.

            If you are tired of all the broken promises and want to do business with a hard working, ethical, third party logistics provider, please contact us.

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