How Many mL In An Ounce?

How many ml In an Ounce?

How Many ml In An Ounce? How do you find an answer to your difficulties? Just by searching the solution on Google or Bing? Or you would like to solve the core of the difficulty by logic, theory, practice with your understanding?

For example, you can help a poor fisherman by catching and giving a fish to him for solving his problem for a day or for that time only or you can give him a fishing pole so that he can fishing himself easily and he will find cure of his problem permanently.

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Just like this, we are making ourselves weaker by finding the solution of our every difficulty only in the search engine.

So, let’s learn and discuss something new again today.

A fluid ounce is a unit of volume and widely used in English cuisine. You might have encountered with sweet dishes occasionally, in those sweets, the number of ingredients indicated in ounces but, how much does that amount in milliliters?

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Today, we will find, how much is one ounce. So, whenever we find it in our culinary recipes, we will know exactly how to convert it so that our measurements are always accurate without the help of different search engines to calculate them.

How many ml In an Ounce?

How many ml In an Ounce?

And the answer would be:

  • 28.413 ml or Milliliter = 1 US Fluid Ounce
  • 29.573 ml or Milliliter = 1 Imperial Fluid Ounce

So, Fluid would be expressed in milliliters and fluid ounces if quantity is less. Let’s understand it more thoroughly now.

What is a Milliliter ‘ML’?

Milliliters are commonly used to measure liquids or fluid. But it is also very common to find milk or water remedies in ounces.

So, we need to know that one Imperial fluid ounce equals 29.574 ml and US fluid ounce is about 28.413 ml. To know the equivalence of other greater or lesser amounts, we just have to do the exercises that we will find today.

A Milliliter ‘ML’ Definition

A millimeter is a unit of One metric unit of volume equal to one-thousandth of a liter. It is a unit of volume. It is a unit of capacity and equivalent to 0.033815 fluid ounce or 0.061025 cubic inches.

Though we can convert it to mass or weigh also by using the conversion table. Like, 1000 ml = 1 liter = 1 kilogram = 1000 grams

What is an Ounce ‘oz’ and a Fluid Ounce ‘fl oz’?

So many confusions are in-between “fluid ounce” and “ounce”. The reason for this is that there are a variety of system measurements used around the world, such as the Matriculation System, English, U. S. Customary, Imperial, Natural Units and Non-Standard Units.

Besides, one has to know that If the item being measured is in liquid form or dry form because measurement of weight and volume are two different things.

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So, an Ounce is a smaller unit of mass to measure dry things and its weight, while a fluid ounce is also a smaller unit of volume to measure liquid or fluid quantity.

Here we will see the fluid ounce ‘fl oz’ in detail to convert it to Milliliters ‘ml’.

A Fluid Ounce ‘fl oz’ Definition

A fluid ounce measures the volume of the fluid or liquid. A fluid ounce is abbreviated as fl oz’.

It’s capacity equal to 29.574 ml or 1/16 (0.0625) pint in the US and 28.413 ml or 1/20 (0.05) pint equivalent of an imperial pint in Great Britain. One fluid ounce is equal to 1/8 cup.

  • 1 UK ounce = 28.413 ml
  • 1 US ounce = 29.574 ml

Now let’s refer this table to remember these measurements to be used in our routine tasks while cooking in the kitchen or our science lab experiments.

Its fraction has been rounded off to simplify. And for making it handy in use.

How many ml In an Ounce? chart

Let’s do some math now…

How many ml In an Ounce?

How many ml is 20 fl oz?

An imperial fluid ounce is approximately 28.41 mL and the US fluid ounce which about 29.57 ml. Let’s do the multiplication.

US or UK ml /fl oz x 20 fl oz = ml

Imperial fluid ounce – 28.41 ml * 20 fl oz = 568.2 ml

US fluid ounce – 29.57 ml * 20 fl oz = 591.4 ml

How many fl oz in 1000 ml?

fl oz = ml

US or UK ml /fl oz

Imperial fluid ounce – 1000 ml = 35.195 fl oz

US 28.41 ml /fl oz

US fluid ounce – 1000 ml = 33.814 fl oz

US 29.57 ml /fl oz

How many fluid ounces coffee in 500 ml cup?

fl oz = ml

US or UK ml /fl oz

Imperial fluid ounce – 500 = 17.599 fl oz coffee

US 28.41 ml /fl oz

US fluid ounce – 500 ml = 16.909 fl oz coffee

US 29.57 ml /fl oz


  • 17.599 US fluid ounces coffee is in a 500 ml cup.
  • 16.909 US fluid ounces coffee is in a 500 ml cup.

How many ml in a 16.9 US fl oz coke bottle?

US ml /fl oz x 20 fl oz = ml

US fluid ounce – 29.57 ml * 16.9 fl oz = 499.73 (500)ml

So, the Coke bottle has a 500ml drink in it.


  • Milliliters and Fluid Ounces are measurements and units to measure the volume of liquid or fluid.
  • They are used to calculate the exact amount of liquid or fluid if it is smaller. There are two types of Fluid ounces are in use. One is the US and another is the Imperial fluid ounce.
  • 1 UK ounce = 28.413 ml
  • 1 US ounce = 29.574 ml

So, friends, for doing any work in our routine life, Measurements must be correct as they are very important in our life. Otherwise, the result will be faulty or wrong.

Whether it is our kitchen or we are driving our car, or to check the fitting of our clothes or to check measurements of medicine doses.

In every field, we need perfect measurements. From morning tea or coffee to dinner, measurements are necessary for every part of life.

I am sure today we have eased another problem of measurement conversion. Now when someone asks you, “How many ml in an ounce?”

You won’t google it but you will answer him with a smile. There are 28.413 ml in 1 UK fluid ounce and 29.574 ml in 1 US fluid ounce.

Thank you and stay tuned friends.

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