How Many Pints In A Gallon?


How Many Pints In A Gallon?
‘keep calm & Drink beer’

How Many Pints In A Gallon? You must have heard this funny quote. But ever thought this? That, how much beer is there in a beer-pint? Or how many pints in a gallon?


So, let’s get it today.

There are about 8 Pints in 1 gallon.

  • 1 US Gallon = 8 (7.999) US Pints
  • 1 Imperial Gallon = 9.607 US Pints

Now is the time to study about pints as well as gallons.

Let’s do it.

What is a Pint?

Pints are commonly famous in the United States. Pint is compared to one normal beer glass. One pint is equal to one glass of beer.

But a pint is also a measurement in US Custody and Metrics system and the Imperial system. A pint is used to measure the volume or capacity of a liquid or fluid. So, it is a unit of volume. A Pint is abbreviated as ‘pt’.

Hence, one US pt is equal to:

  • 1 US pt = 0.125 US gal
  • 1 US pt = 0.104 Imperial gal
  • Note: There are two types of Pints. One is a dry pint to measure dry content and the other is liquid pint to measure liquid and fluid. Dry pint is now rare in use, but liquid Pint is in use.

Conversion table in both the measurement systems.

Unit of Measurement Unit US Unit Imperial
1 US Pint0.47 liter0.47 liter
1 US Pint0.50 quart0.42 quart
1 US Pint1.97 cups1.66 cups
1 US Pint16 fl ounces16.65 fl ounces
1 US Pint473 ml473 ml
1 US Pint32 tbsp27 tbsp
1 US Pint96 tsp80 tsp

What is a gallon?

How Many Pints In A Gallon?

A gallon is used as a measurement to measure the volume of liquid or fluid substance.

It’s a bigger unit to calculate the volume of liquid in compare with other liquid measurements. So, one pint is eight times smaller than one gallon.

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A gallon is a well-known measurement in the world. It is used in both the measurement systems from years, the US Custody and Metrics system as well as the Imperial system. And abbreviated as ‘gal’.

One-gallon equals to:

  • 1 US gal = 8 (7.99) US Pints
  • 1 Imperial gal = 9.607 US Pints


UnitUnit USUnit Unit Imperial
1 US gal3.79 liter1 Imperial gal4.54 liter
1 US gal4 US quarts1 Imperial gal4 imp quarts
1 US gal16 US cups1 Imperial gal16 imp cups
1 US gal128 fl oz1 Imperial gal160 imp fl oz
1 US gal3785 ml1 Imperial gal4546 ml
1 US gal256 tbsp1 Imperial gal256 imp tbsp
1 US gal768 US tsp1 Imperial gal768 tsp

The relation between a pint and a gallon

‘A pint of examples is always better than a gallon of advice.’

You must have read this sentence. It is understood that we give more advice to people than examples to be implemented. We can learn a lesson too by this proverb. But here we will learn that a gallon is larger than a pint.

  • 1 US gallon = 8 (7.99) US Pints
  • 1 Imperial gallon = 9.607 US Pints
  • 1 US Pint = 0.125 US gallon
  • 1 US Pint = 0.104 Imperial gallon

Let’s solve some difficulties and stuff practically

How Many Pints In A Gallon?

How many pints are in a 2-US gallon Water-Bottle?


Ans.: 1 US gallon = 8 US Pints

So, the formula would be, US gal x 8 us pt = Total US pt

Here, we have a 2-US gallon Water-Bottle

2 us gal x 8 us pt = 16 us pt

So, there is about 16 US Pints water in the 2-US gallon Water-Bottle.

How many US pints of milk in a 10 Imperial gallons Milk bucket?

Ans.: 1 Imperial gallon = 9.607 US Pints

So, the formula would be

Imperial gal x 9.607 us pt = Total US pt

Here, we have a 10 Imperial gallon Milk container

10 imp gal x 9.607 us pt = 96.075 us pt

So, it would be about 96 US Pints milk in the 10 Imperial gallon Milk container.

How many US gallons in 20 liters Deiseal Container? then Convert those gallons into US pints.

Ans.: Here, the first step is to convert liters into gallons

1 liter = 0.264 US gallon

So, the formula would be

liter x 0.264 US gal = Total US gal

Here, we have 20 liters deiseal container

20 liters x 0.264 US gal = 5.28 US Gallons

Now let’s convert gallons into pints

1 US gallon = 8 US Pints

5.28 US Gallons x 8 US gal = 42.27 US pt

So, it would be about 42 US Pints milk in the 20 liters deiseal container

If one kg is equal to 1 liter than how many pints in 25 kg sugar bag? And convert pints into Imperial gallons.

sugar bag

Ans.: So, friends, we will know the conversion of a kg into a liter first.

1 kg = 1 liter

Hence, 25 kg = 25 liters

Now we will convert liters into pints

1 liter = 2.11 US Pints

So, 25 liters x 2.11 US pt = 52.83 US pt Sugar

Now, we will convert US pints into Imperial gallons

1 US pt = 0.104 Imperial gal

So, 52.83 US pt x 0.104 Imp gal = 5.50 Imp gal Sugar

Therefore, about 53 US Pints and about 5 ½ Imperial gallon Sugar is in the 25 kg Sugar bag.

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So, friends, Google knows all the answers, but from a computer screen or keyboard, it won’t come out the right amount of milk, water or anything.

For this, we have to understand and learn all the quantities and methods of measurement.

Only then we will be able to measure water, milk, flour or sugar or anything in the right amount in the kitchen without looking at Google.

And yes, Christmas is coming. If you do not remember the proper measurements of the recipe while making the cake, then you will know whether the cake will be able to be eaten by the guest or not?

It’s break time!

Now, I need a chilled beer after this brain-heating calculations 😋

I hope, today we have learned something new and we will use it in everyday life. till then good-bye! Stay tuned 🍺

How Many Pints In A Gallon?

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